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The best way to begin your Streamline experience is to have a plan in mind. This handy map will guide you through the twists and turns each route travels. You will find the best routes and key transfer points that will take you where you need to be.


LateNight phone # (406) 580-2032

Detour Updates Here!                                    Downtown & Upstream Route Maps

The Latenight Downtown bus runs Thursday through Saturday, only when MSU is in session; during the academic school year, both buses run.  When school is not in session, only the Upstream route runs.  Please refer to the timetables for exact hours of service for each route. Service is not provided on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

ROUTE STOPSTRIP 12345678910111213
11th & Lincoln7:55 p8:25 p8:55 p9:25 p9:55 p10:25 p10:55 p11:25 p11:55 p12:25 a12:55 a1:25 a1:55 a
MSU North Hedges7:56 p8:26 p8:56 p9:26 p9:56 p10:26 p10:56 p11:26 p11:56 p12:26 a12:56 a1:26 a1:56 a
MSU Garfield & 15th7:57 p8:27 p8:57 p9:27 p9:57 p10:27 p10:57 p11:27 p11:57 p12:27 a12:57 a1:27 a1:57 a
MSU Garfield & Paisley Court7:58 p8:28 p8:58 p9:28 p9:58 p10:28 p10:58 p11:28 p11:58 p12:28 a12:58 a1:28 a1:58 a
19th & College7:59 p8:29 p8:59 p9:29 p9:59 p10:29 p10:59 p11:29 p11:59 p12:29 a12:59 a1:29 a1:59 a
19th & Koch8:00 p8:30 p9:00 p9;30 p10:00 p10:30 p11:00 p11:30 p12:00 a12:30 a1:00 a1:30 a2:00 a
19th & Babcock (Loaf & Jug)8:04 p8:34 p9:04 p9:34 p10:04 p10:34 p11:04 p11:34 p12:04 a12:34 a1:04 a1:34 a2:04 a
Main & 15th8:05 p8:35 p9:05 p9:35 p10:05 p10:35 p11:05 p11:35 p12:05 a12:35 a1:05 a1:35 a2:05 a
Babcock & 7th8:07 p8:37 p9:07 p9:37 p10:07 p10:37 p11:07 p11:37 p12:07 a12:37 a1:07 a1:37 a2:07 a
Babcock & 3rd (Emerson)8:08 p8:38 p9:08 p9:38 p10:08 p10:38 p11:08 p11:38 p12:08 a12:38 a1:08 a1:38 a2:08 a
Babcock & Tracy8:09 p8:39 p9:09 p9:39 p10:09 p10:39 p11:09 p11:39 p12:09 a12:39 a1:09 a1:39 a2:09 a
Main & Rouse8:11 p8:41 p9:11 p9:41 p10:11 p10:41 p11:11 p11:41 p12:11 a12:41 a1:11 a1:41 a2:11 a
Main & Black8:12 p8:42 p9:12 p9:42 p10:12 p10:42 p11:12 p11:42 p12:12 a12:42 a1:12 a1:42 a2:12 a
Main & Willson8:14 p8:44 p9:14 p9:44 p10:14 p10:44 p11:14 p11:44 p12:14 a12:44 a1:14 a1:44 a2:14 a
8th & Babcock8:16 p8:46 p9:16 p9:46 p10:16 p10:46 p11:16 p11:46 p12:16 a12:46 a1:16 a1:46 a2:16 a
8th & Koch8:17 p8:47 p9:17 p9:47 p10:17 p10:47 p11:17 p11:47 p12:17 a12:47 a1:17 a1:47 a2:17 a
8th & Harrison (Johnstone)8:18 p8:48 p9:18 p9:48 p10:18 p10:48 p11:18 p11:48 p12:18 a12:48 a1:18 a1:48 a2:18 a
Garfield & 6th8:20 p8:50 p9:20 p9:50 p10:20 p10:50 p11:20 p11:50 p12:20 a12:50 a1:20 a1:50 a2:20 a
Garfield & Willson8:21 p8:51 p9:21 p9:51 p10:21 p10:51 p11:21 p11:51 p12:21 a12:51 a1:21 a1:51 a2:21 a
Willson & Kagy8:23 p8:53 p9:23 p9:53 p10:23 p10:53 p11:23 p11:53 p12:23 a12:53 a1:23 a1:53 a2:23 a
Kagy & 11th8:24 p8:54 p9:24 p9:54 p10:24 p10:54 p11:24 p11:54 p12:24 a12:54 a1:24 a1:54 a2:24 a
11th & Lincoln8:25 p8:55 p9:25 p9:55 p10:25 p10:55 p11:25 p11:55 p12:25 a12:55 a1:25 a1:55 a2:25 a


Click the link for the Downtown Bus Schedule



The Latenight upstream bus runs Thursday through Saturday all year. Please refer to the timetables for exact hours of service for each route. Service is not provided on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

19th & Babcock (Loaf & Jug)7:39 p8:39 p9:39 p10:39 p11:39 p12:39 a1:39 a2:39 a
19th & Durston7:41 p8:41 p9:41 p10:41 p11:41 p12:41 a1:41 a2:41 a
19th & Oak7:43 p8:43 p9:43 p10:43 p11:43 p12:43 a1:43 a2:43 a
19th & Tschache7:44 p8:44 p9:44 p10:44 p11:44 p12:44 a1:44 a- -
Commerce Way (Old Chicago)7:45 p8:45 p9:45 p10:45 p11:45 p12:45 a1:45 a- -
Baxter & 11th7:47 p8:47 p9:47 p10:47 p11:47 p12:47 a1:47 a- -
7th & Oak7:49 p8:49 p9:49 p10:49 p11:49 p12:49 a1:49 a- -
7th & Nikles7:50 p8:50 p9:50 p10:50 p11:50 p12:50 a1:50 a- -
The Filling Station7:53 p8:53 p9:53 p10:53 p11:53 p12:53 a1:53 a- -
WalMart7:55 p8:55 p9:55 p10:55 p11:55 p12:55 a1:55 a- -
Tamarack & 5th7:57 p8:57 p9:57 p10:57 p11:57 p12:57 a1:57 a- -
Fairgrounds7:58 p8:58 p9:58 p10:58 p11:58 p12:58 a1:58 a- -
Willson & Peach8:00 p9:00 p10:00 p11:00 p12:00 a1:00 a2:00 a- -
Willson & Lamme8:01 p9:01 p10:01 p11:01 p12:01 a1:01 a2:01 a - -
Willson & Main8:02 p9:02 p10:02 p11:02 p12:02 a1:02 a2:02 a- -
Babcock & Tracy8:03 p9:03 p10:03 p11:03 p12:03 a1:03 a2:03 a- -
Main & Wallace8:04 p9:04 p10:04 p11:04 p12:04 a1:04 a2:04 a- -
Main & Rouse8:05 p9:05 p10:05 p11:05 p12:05 p1:05 a2:05 a- -
Main & Black8:06 p9:06 p10:06 p11:06 p12:06 a1:06 a2:06 a- -
Main & Willson8:09 p9:09 p10:09 p11:09 p12:09 a1:09 a2:09 a- -
Durston & 7th8:12 p9:12 p10:12 p11:12 p12:12 a1:12 a2:12 a- -
Durston & 15th8:13 p9:13 p10:13 p11:13 p12:13 a1:13 a2:13 a- -
Durston & 20th (Holiday Station)8:14 p9:14 p10:14 p11:14 p12:14 a1:14 a2:14 a- -
Durston & 25th8:17 p9:17 p10:17 p11:17 p12:17 a1:17 a2:17 a- -
Durston & 27th8:18 p9:18 p10:18 p11:18 p12:18 a1:18 a2:18 a- -
Michael Grove & Durston8:19 p9:19 p10:19 p11:19 p12:19 a1:19 a2:19 a- -
Michael Grove & Villard8:20 p9:20 p10:20 p11:20 p12:20 a1:20 a2:20 a- -
Michael Grove & Mendenhall8:21 p9:21 p10:21 p11:21 p12:21 a1:21 a2:21 a- -
Babcock & N. Valley Drive8:22 p9:22 p10:22 p11:22 p12:22 a1:22 a2:22 a- -
Babcock & Yellowstone8:23 p9:23 p10:23 p11:23 p12:23 a1:23 a2:23 a- -
Yellowstone & Cascade8:24 p9:24 p10:24 p11:24 p12:24 a1:24 a2:24 a- -
Ferguson & Cascade8:25 p9:25 p10:25 p11:25 p12:25 a1:25 a2:25 a- -
Ravalli & Ferguson8:26 p9:26 p10:26 p11:26 p12:26 a1:26 a2:26 a- -
Fowler & Ravalli8:27 p9:27 p10:27 p11:27 p12:27 a1:27 a2:27 a- -
Fowler & Laredo8:28 p9:28 p10:28 p11:28 p12:28 a1:28 a2:28 a- -
Gallatin Mall (@ 45 mph sign)8:29 p9:29 p10:29 p11:29 p12:29 a1:29 a2:29 a- -
Main Street @ Perkins8:30 p9:30 p10:30 p11:30 p12:30 a1:30 a2:30 a- -
19th & Babcock (Loaf & Jug)8:31 p9:31 p10:31 p11:31 p12:31 a1:31 a2:31 a- -


Click the link for the Upstream Bus Schedule